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No More Welding: Industry Innovation To Remove The Non-Genuine Battery Warming of iPhone
Replacing the battery of your iPhone has become a common practice among smart phone users. The reason behind a battery replacement is the usual battery wear and tear that occurs over regular use cycles.
November 29th,2023
How to Replace the Charging Port Flex Cable for iPhone 11
This is an iPhone 11, and we need to replace the charging port flex cable because it's not charging. Let's see if we can solve the problem.
July 11th,2023
How to Fix the Face ID of iPhone X by Replacing the Ear Speaker Sensor Flex Cable
There is an iPhone X whose Face ID is not available and the true tone function is also disabled. We need to find out the point of failure and fix it.
June 20th,2023
How to Fix "Unknown Part" Message after Replacing iPhone Rear Camera-No Soldering
If we replace the rear camera of iPhone 12 and later models after upgrading iOS to version 14.4, there will be an Unknown Part prompt in the settings interface. Today we will show you how...
June 12th,2023
Universal Battery Cell Installation Guide
Universal battery cell, a total of 12 models, compatible with mainstream Android brand 800+SKU batteries. Let's show you how to use a universal battery cell to replace the battery for...
May 08th,2023
Rear Camera Replacement Guide for Huawei P30 Pro
There is a Huawei P30 Pro. Turn on the camera mode and test the function of the rear camera at short distances is normal, but it does not focus at long distances. This situation is...
May 02th,2023
How to Replace the Screen of Honor 9X Pro
As the most easily broken part of a mobile phone, the screen is often accidentally broken. There is an Honor 9X Pro with a broken screen. Now let's replace this phone with a new screen.
April 07th,2023
Fix Face ID with JC V1SE Programmer, No Need to Download Any Software
Now we have an easier way to restore the face ID, without soldering and jump wiring, or downloading any software, let's show you.
March 22th,2023
How to Fix iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Health and Remove Important Battery Message
If the iPhone is replaced with a new aftermarket battery, the battery health and cycle times cannot be reset, and the XS and above models will appear non-original battery prompt. How to...
March 13th,2023
How to Replace the Back Cover of HUAWEI Mate 30
If the crack of the phone is large or there are fragments falling off, you need to replace the back cover, otherwise it may cause damage to the internal parts. Today we will show you how to replace the back cover of Huawei Mate 30.
February 27th,2023
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