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Warranty Policy

BIZBEE offer one year warranty to cover the warranty service which is basically covered the product selling process. All the products are 100% tested before shipping but there is no denying that it is impossible to achieve a 0 defect rate. However, our strict quality process will ensure that the defect rate is minimized.  The warranty policy will try our best to protect your benefit as long as the product was purchased from Bizbee.com. Please note that the compensation amount for the return goods will be paid according to the negotiated ratio and you will be refunded according to the current selling price of the product then returned to the account balance. However, we usually do exchanges because most companies want to get their product as soon as possible. Please let us know in advance or in the warranty order that you would like a refund instead of an exchange. Here is a breakdown of our warranty policy for the different products.

For Screen

The following situations are in our warranty policy.

But the warranty is void if products are damaged during installation or usage after delivery.

For Battery

For Cables, Machines, Accessories

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