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Notice! Static Electricity Can Cause Screen Touch Failure
September 11th,2023

With the continuous development of technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives. However, sometimes we may find that the phone screen is malfunctioning and cannot be operated normally. This situation may be caused by static electricity on the phone. The following will provide a detailed introduction to the causes and solutions of screen malfunction caused by static electricity on mobile phones.

Cause of static electricity:

Static electricity refers to the phenomenon where the surface of an object carries an electric charge, but the charge does not flow. In a dry environment, a large amount of static electricity accumulates on the surface of the human body and objects, while mobile phone screens are made of conductive mat6erials and are susceptible to static interference. When people touch the phone screen with their hands, static electricity can be transmitted from their fingers to the screen, causing the screen to malfunction.

Symptoms of screen failure:

When the phone screen fails, users will find that the screen cannot operate normally, and there is no response or insensitivity when touching the screen. Sometimes there may be situations where the screen automatically clicks or slides, all of which are caused by electrostatic interference.

There are two reasons for static electricity on the screen: first, there is static electricity on the mobile phone screen, and second, there is static electricity on the hands. If there is static electricity on the hand, touching the screen will transfer the static electricity to the screen, causing damage to the screen.

When testing the touch function of the screen, static electricity may also cause the touch function to fail. For example, when testing the Samsung Incell screen, our hand came into contact with the backlight, and static electricity on our hand caused the touch failure. Because the backlight is connected to the screen flex cable, it is recommended to place a bubble bag or other insulating object under the backlight before testing.

Please refer to the following video for specific operations:

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