iPhone 13 VS iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Which one would you choose?

Date: Oct 25th,2021

The card holders of the two phones are made of metal, with double-sided card slots, and are equipped with dustproof and waterproof rubber rings. The size and length of the two card holders and the shape of the rubber rings are exactly the same.


The all iPhone 13 series are designed with the display and touch integrated in a single flex cable. On the back of the screen, except for the display and touch flex cable, which is somewhat different from the shape of the touch chip, the other parts are similar to the iPhone 13mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


The most obvious difference between the two cameras in the middle frame is the rear camera, battery, motherboard and motor. The iPhone 13 is a rectangular battery similar to the iPhone 13mini, while the iPhone 13 Pro is an L-shaped battery similar to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The battery capacity of the 13 is 3227mAh, and the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro is smaller, 3095mAh, and the volume is also significantly smaller.


The rear camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro is a few larger because it has an extra telephoto lens than the iPhone 13.


The taptic engine of the iPhone 13 is smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro.



There is an A15 sticker on the motherboard of the two phones. The difference between the two motherboards is relatively large. The overall shape is completely different design, including the position of all inline seats, and the surface area structure is completely different. The motherboard of the iPhone 13 is more slender than the iPhone 13 Pro. The card slot of the Phone 13 Pro is welded to the motherboard, while the iPhone 13 is independent and connects to the motherboard through a flex cable. The outer rings of all the connecting seats of the two main boards are wrapped with thicker cushion foam.



The rear camera of the iPhone 13 is the same as that of iPhone 13 mini, the main camera with optical image stabilization + ultra-wide angle, the main camera is the same size as the iPhone 13 Pro, and the ultra-wide angle is significantly smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro. In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro has an additional telephoto lens with optical image stabilization.



Both speakers are connected to the flex cable through contacts, and the volume of phone 13 is even larger.


In terms of the front camera module, the two phones have slightly different cable orientations. From left to right, there are front camera, dot matrix and infrared cameras.


The motor of the iPhone 13 is skewed to a square. Although this taptic engine looks smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro, no matter which one of them is compared to the motors of Android, it is still considered strong.

The card slot is glued to the lower flex cable, connected to the main board through the cable, and integrated with a connecting seat connected to the motor.



The shape of the iPhone 13 lower speaker is similar to that of the iPhone 13 mini. It is connected to the tail flex cable through the contacts. The lower speaker of the iPhone 13 Pro has a similar structure.



The layout of the iPhone 13's tail plug flex cable is similar to that of the iPhone 13 mini. It also integrates the air pressure sensor, microphone, tail plug, antenna, and speaker contacts. The iPhone 13 Pro's tail plug flex cable is partially pressed by the battery. Therefore, if you want to take out the entire cable, you must first remove the battery. Like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, this part of the signal cable of the iPhone 13 Pro is fixed inside the left side frame. For the iPhone 13, except for the long one, the integrated things and the realized functions are basically the same.



Now there are still wireless charging coils in the middle frame of the two phones, the volume button and power button cable, WiFI cable, signal and flash cable, and a cable integrated with noise reduction microphone and NFC.


Judging from the internal configuration of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, Apple is very careful about the internal design of the phone. The battery life problem that has been criticized by in the past has been solved on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you want a thin and light phone, you can choose iPhone 13 Mini; For phones with balanced configurations, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are available. Apple provides users with more and more mature choices.

iPhone 13 Teardown Video:

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