iPhone 13 Pro Front Glass Replacement Tutorial BIZBEE

Date: Mar 11th,2022

Generally speaking, a smartphone with an external glass is easily broken once it is hit by an external force or accidentally dropped. However, if your phone’s front glass is broken but the display and touch functions of the screen are still good, then you only need to replace the front glass. The operation process is very simple. Follow our iPhone 13 Pro front glass replacement tutorial, if your iPhone’s glass is damaged, you can easily replace it yourself.



Video Overview:


Step 1: Open the screen

First open the screen of this iPhone 13 Pro. We can see that there is a sign of A15 on the left of the motherboard. Let's remove the screws and the screen. Then remove the photosensitive flex cable on the screen.



Step 2Separate the front glass and LCD

Next, we can start to separate the front glass and LCD, and separate them with the bracket all the way. Press down with steel wire to form a triangle, start to separate.



Step 3Clean up the residual glue

After separation and LCD removal, we can see a little residual glue on the LCD and front glass. So we need to use the glue roll to clean up the residual glue. Let's be a little more careful because the screen of iPhone 13 pro is very thin.



Step 4Test the display and touch function

After cleaning the LCD and front glass, lets test whether the display and touch function is normal. Now the mobile phone has no sense of installation. Induction flex cable and face ID are also available. After testing, the display and touch function is normal.

Step 5Replace with a new front glass and laminate

Now we get a new front glass to fit the LCD. We need to align all sides. After alignment, we use a dedicated black pad, then put it into the laminating machine for lamination. Apply a layer of bracket glue before aligning the front glass. We use two layers of black pads when laminating, and the pressure is 1.5.



Step 6Remove the bubbles

After laminating, we can see that there are almost no bubbles. But we still need to put it into the bubble remover machine for 3 minutes to make sure all bubbles are removed.



Step 7Install the screen and test

After bubble removing, first install the induction flex cable on the screen. Then install the screen and all the screws at once. Tear off the yellow protective sticker. Last install the screen on the phone and power on for testing. It can boot successfully.

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