iPhone 13 Mini Teardown, Small but Powerful! Small battery can achieve long battery life

Date: Oct 13th,2021

Compared with the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 13 mini has been greatly improved, and the price is reduced when the battery life is increased. If the 12 mini is a smaller version of the iPhone 12, the 13 mini is naturally a smaller version of the iPhone 13. In addition to the size, battery life, and single and dual card differences, it can also be said that the iPhone 13 mini is a smaller version of the iPhone 12 Pro.


Whether you buy an iPhone 13 mini or not depends on whether you can accept a single card and whether you are a loyal fan of small-screen phones. Its advantage is that it brings a novel and comfortable experience when large-screen mobile phones are all over the street. Small screen, and as the flagship, it feels really good, and the performance is also powerful.


Small screen enthusiasts like the mini version because the 5.4-inch screen is invincible in hand feeling! The front notch screen of the 13mini is reduced, the screen-to-body ratio is increased, and the look and feel is better.


Although the configuration of the iPhone 13 series has not changed much, the most surprising part of this time is that compared with the previous generation, the battery life of all versions has been significantly improved.


The same is true for the small and beautiful mini version. The iPhone 13mini solves the biggest shortcomings of the 12mini and even surpasses the iPhone 12, which has a larger battery capacity, in terms of battery life.


  • iPhone 12 mini 2227mAh
  • iPhone 13 min 2406mAh
  • iPhone 12 2815mAh


Although A15 is just an small upgrade, it is still invincible in the control of energy consumption ratio, and the small battery can achieve long battery life. So, let us tear down the iPhone 13 mini to see what its internal configuration looks like.


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