iPhone 12 Important Battery Message/Non-Genuine Battery Warning Fix For iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series

Date: Nov 29th,2021

With the daily use of iPhone, the battery efficiency will be lower and lower. An iPhone has about 500 charging cycles. Most users can use it for 18-24 months, which means that after a year or two, the battery will become less durable. When the battery efficiency is less than 80%, Apple also recommends replacing the battery. However, going to Apple to replace the original battery of an iPhone is expensive and not cost-effective. So many people choose to replace the battery by themselves or find a third-party repair shop.


But after replacing the battery of the iPhone 12, the battery health and the number of cycles cannot be cleared, and an important battery message will appear. Let's take a practical demonstration of how to solve this problem.

Video Overview:

First, remove the original battery, and separate the battery BMS board with a soldering iron. Then connect the BMS board to the new battery.




The key material for this method is the battery repair flex cable, which has a clever U-shaped design, and two BTB connection buckles. One end is connected to the battery, the other end is connected to the phone. In principle, it is like a data transfer station.



Battery repair flex cable


Since the programmer does not have an iPhone 12 interface, so we need an adapter flex cable to connect the battery and programmer. After connecting the programmer, we clear the number of cycles and modify the battery efficiency to 100%. At last, we turn on the phone and see how it works.



Adapter flex cable




Turn on the phone, there is no more important battery message. Then let's check it through the computer inspection assistant. We can see the battery details, it displays battery life is 100% and charges 0 times. It is proved that this method is feasible.




So how to achieve the best performance after replacing the battery? The first step is to charge to 100%, and then continue to trickle charge for more than 2 hours. Next, use your iPhone continuously until it is powered off due to low power. Finally, charge to 100% again continuously, so that the performance of the battery can be physically calibrated.

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