iOS 16 Beta 5 Released! Summary of All New Features 9 Updates

Date: Aug 10th,2022

On August 9th, Apple pushed the update of the new version of iOS / iPadOS 16 Beta 5 to users. In this version, Apple made some detailed processing of iOS / iPadOS 16 again. It is particularly worth noting that after the Beta 5 update, iPhone notched devices, will also support the battery percentage indicator in the status bar.


Updates for IOS 16 beta 5


1. The Battery Percentage Indicator in the Status Bar


The battery icon in the status bar now shows the exact battery percentage, which can be turned on in the Battery section of the Settings app.


In this iOS Beta 5, the new battery percentage feature appears to support the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X. 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini and other older models are not supported.


iPhone notched devices have been unable to use the battery percentage for years due to space constraints, so this is a welcome change for many iPhone users. Before that, users had to see the exact battery percentage by going into the control center or using the battery widget.



2. New Find My Sound

iPhone plays a new sound when the user uses the "Play Sound" option in the Find My app on one of the devices. It's a bit louder and different from what the previous version of iOS 16 offered.


3. New Sound for Finding an iPhone with Apple Watch

When users swipe up on their Apple Watch to enter Control Center, they will hear a new sound if they tap the iPhone icon to find their iPhone device to locate it. It's the same sound as the new Find My sound.


4. Now Playing on Lock Screen

iOS 16 Beta 3 added a full-screen music player, and Beta 5 introduced real-time mini-visualization graphics that change with audio playback. This is combined with the new button animation. When you click the play / pause button or the forward / backward button, they will have a new animation. The animation feels very beautiful and smooth, and provides great details… 



5. Remove Perspective Zoom

The perspective zoom feature for lock screen wallpapers has been removed. The switch to disable it has also been removed.



It may be re-added in a future beta version, and has been available on iPhone for some time.


6. Apple Music App Updates

Apple has fine-tuned where it shows Dolby Atmos and a Lossless Audio. The information now appears next to the genre instead of below the play and shuffle buttons.



7. Screenshots

When taking a screenshot, editing it, and hitting "Done," a new option appears to "copy and delete" the screenshot, rather than just delete it. This allows users to copy the image to paste into any other app without first saving the image to the Photos app.



8. Emergency Call

"Emergency SOS" has been renamed "Emergency Call" when you press and hold the side button or quickly press to enter the emergency screen.


9. Remove Siri Voice Shutdown

Apple has removed the Siri voice shutdown in the latest Beta 5. This feature appeared in Beta 4 before, and a pop-up window will prompt, "Confirm, do you want to turn off the power of this device?" The two buttons are "Cancel" on the left. and "Confirm" on the right, click the "Confirm" button or continue the voice operation to shut down.

Last, Home, Photos, Maps and Reminders all have new splash screens to advertise their new features.


The official release of IOS 16 is expected to be in September, that is, at the launch of the iPhone 14 series. At present, although it is still more than one month before the official version is released, major changes will hardly appear, only some details may change. Have you updated the IOS 16 beta 5 version or do you want to wait for the official release?

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