What’s Your Charging Mode? 90% People Make Mistakes in Phone Charging

Date: Jun 22nd,2018

Non-original Power Charger

Many iPhone users have a habit that one power charger for both iPhone and iPad, but you will find that it charging very slowly if you use phone power charger to charging an iPad, very fast if you do the opposite way. The reason is that iPad charger power is bigger than iPhone and will have great influence on iPhone battery. So use original charger when you charging.

Misuse of Charging Cable

Similar to the use of power charger, charging cable should be original too. In advance to avoid mistakes marking the analogous charging cables.

Temperature Requirement

Lithium battery have a requirement for temperature, when the temperature is too low (<-20°), low temperature protection mechanism will prevent chemical reaction of the material and lead to abnormal charging or slow charging. While the temperature is too high (>60°), the battery becomes unstable and can cause explosion seriously.

Fixed Charging Times

According to the method on the internet, if you charging too many times, it will lead battery ageing. Actually this statement is wrong and frequent charging is good to the battery. The right way is to charge early and often, but remember to unplug the charger when fully charged.

Battery Activation of New Phone

Contrast with nickel battery, lithium battery does not need activation which will accelerate battery aging. The first time of lithium battery charging needs no more than 12 hours, charging early and often just like usual.

Charging While Playing

Charging while playing not only damage battery but also largen radiation which impair people’s health. 


In order to guarantee adequate electricity during the day, many people like charging at night. Battery can be fully charged with 2 or 3 hours, if not unplug charger in time and keep your phone in full state, it will accelerates damage to the battery, especially non-original charger, sustained charging will damage the battery seriously.

Charging with Protect Bag

Based on the above, lithium battery is very afraid of high temperature, so tear off the protect bag when charging.

Restart and Remit System Halted

Many people keep power on in 24 hours and never power off, actually long time operation will cause mobile phone to be unresponsive and restart phone occasionally can relieve the pressure and increase service life.

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