What is the Difference Between the Original iPhone Battery and the Aftermarket Battery? How to choose?

Date: Nov 11th,2021

Although the price of iPhone is more expensive, the quality is better. After one or two years of use, most of the daily APP needs can still meet the requirements, but the battery life will be greatly reduced. Many people will choose to replace the battery with another original battery. The question now is, the iPhone can be replaced with a non-original battery? When we need to replace the battery, should we choose an original battery or a non-original battery?


The difference between original iPhone battery and aftermarket iPhone battery

In fact, just like the Apple data cable, the original battery can indeed provide a more reliable quality assurance. The original battery is naturally the best choice regardless of other factors. However, there are two disadvantages when replacing the original battery of an old iPhone:


1. The original battery is more expensive:


As we all know, apple accessories have always been very expensive, and batteries are no exception.


2. The replacement process is troublesome and the waiting time is very long:


Another problem with replacing the battery at Apple's official maintenance point is that it needs to go through a series of official tests and replace the battery only after meeting the conditions.



Features of iPhone aftermarket battery:

In fact, judging from the early Apple data market, Apple's third-party accessory manufacturers are not as unbearable as in the past. On the contrary, there are actually some good third-party Apple accessory brands on the market. Compared with the original, choosing a third-party brand aftermarket iPhone battery also has certain advantages.

1. Cheaper:

Like the Apple mobile phone data cable, at first, in order to be guaranteed, users often prefer to choose the original one, but the expensive price of the original cable makes many Apple users turn to third parties. The price of the third party is relatively affordable. A brand-new mobile phone battery can be bought for more than ten or tens of dollars.

2. Faster and easier replacement:

The most convenient point to choose a third party is that there are not so many processes, and there is no need to wait for a long time. Buy directly, and then find someone to help or replace it yourself.

Some mobile phone batteries of third-party brands are replaced upon purchase, that is, someone is responsible for installing the new iPhone Battery for you after you spend more than ten dollars. Compared with the original, it is simpler, faster and affordable.



Main technical requirements for battery replacement

1. The battery shall not be deformed or broken during disassembly and assembly, resulting in battery damage.

2. Special adhesive tape for battery shall be used for battery installation, and double-sided adhesive tape shall not be used to prevent damage to wireless coil.

3. The disassembly shall not cause damage, deformation, bending, short circuit, static electricity, etc. to other parts.

4. After replacing the battery, test the function without affecting other functions, and the battery will not shut down.

5. The health of the battery has recovered above 99.

6. Restore the iPhone seal and install the screws correctly.


iPhone battery replacement and non-genuine battery warning fix guide video:

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