Tips for iPhone 12 Series Non-Genuine Display Warning fix/ Important Display Message fix Suitable for iPhone 12 Series

Date: Jul 26th,2021

A newly replaced iPhone 12 series screen will show with the warning of non-genuine no matter what types of displays, OEM original new or aftermarket display. So, how to fix the iPhone 12 series Non-Genuine screen issue? Here is a little tip for you.


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Step 1: Buckle the original screen on the motherboard (the original screen and motherboard should come from the same mobile phone, just remove the battery) and use the power meter to turn it on once. After the normal startup, check the settings to observe whether there is a pop-up window, and then deduct the power after confirming that there is no pop-up;


Step 2: Buckle the new screen to the motherboard, and still use the power meter to boot once. Then install the battery and turn on the phone, the replaced screen will not appear pop-up, and there will be no prompt to in the settings.


Note: This method can only be operated once. When changing the screen, you must not use the battery to turn on the phone. Otherwise, once the battery data is detected, the phone will immediately start to read the verification screen information. You can only use the power meter to turn on the phone and make sure that the pop-up problem is solved, and then you can install the battery!

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