Solution for White Spot Problem Dial key appeared on iPhone 7 and above models

Date: Aug 8th,2018
The aftermarket quality screens of iPhone 7 has bigger size touch IC than the original one, if the IC is not located 
at the correct position it will lead to white spot or area on the right side of the dial key, press the screen by finger, 
there will appear water ripple. To avoid this issue, it requires rich experience on installation, the solution is as 

following : 

1. Please install the display & touch metal plate closer to the top of the phone board ( As arrow direction in the 

photo ), then install the screws well.

2. The battery flex cable need to be installed as close as possible to the battery. ( As arrow direction in the photo ) 

3. After install the backlight metal plate on the back of screen, move the screen flex cable slightly to the opposite 
direction of the white spot or white area. 

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