Should You Upgrade To iOS 13? iOS 13 Function Test Report

Date: Oct 17th,2019


     BIZBEE recently received multiple customers feedback that the home bar is not available on iOS13 yet the touch function is normal after changing the iPhone X screens or above. Notifications not available, Face ID failed and other issues like touch functions abnormal may also happen on the screen changed iPhone X or above. BIZBEE made rounds of tests and verified that it results from the iOS13 bugs. The issue will still happen even if you change an original Apple screen, but it happens occasionally, like 10/100, not on all of them.

In that case, for those customers who have already met the problems, we sincerely suggest you to downgrade your system to iOS12.4 to solve the problem or wait to upgrade until Apple launch their new system.

For those customers who havent met the problems, we sincerely suggest you to not upgrade your system until the new version launched to avoid the problems.

Important Notes:

Customers are advised to be cautious when upgrading to ios13.  Ensure your phone battery power is more than 60% and keep charging during the upgrade process when use an OTA upgrade, or your phone may be invalid. Backup your data before upgrading is also important. 


      Here BIZBEE recommends you our fully tested products below. These screens run smoothly and perfectly on iOS13.  Check the TEST VIDEO here to see the result! 

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