No iOS 11.3 Compatibility Problem For BIZBEE iPhone 8/8 Plus Screen

Date: Apr 18th,2018
According to the feedback from the mobile phone aftermarket that China-made iPhone 8/8 plus screen from some Chinese supplier will have touch function problem after upgrade to iOS 11.3. The reason why some China-made iPhone 8/8 plus screen have touch problem is that the screen IC data is incompatible with iOS 11.3. In order to sovle the problem some screen suppliers update the screen IC data by a machine, but this will tamper the data of the mainboard and affect the later use of other repair screens even include original screen. 

BIZBEE iPhone 8/8 plus screen IC data is the same as original screen and our technician test a large amount of iPhone 8/8 plus screens after upgrade to iOS 11.3, there is no system compatibility problem and you don’t need to update IC data. Due to system bug even original screen also has touch problem, so it is belong to normal range if you find a few defective ones. Please feel free to buy. 

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