More than 10 Million Sales in Q1 iPhone X is the Best-selling Phone in European Market

Date: May 25th,2018

iPhone X is the best-selling phone in the European market in Q1 2018, even though it has experienced weak sales and sales decline. It is reported by Apple that they have sold more than 10 million iPhone X to Europe within three months.

Experts previously insisted that iPhone X was a failure and warned that $1,000 price of iPhone X will scared off consumers, Apple needed to launch a more affordable smart phone in Autumn to save sales in 2018. However, it turns out that these statements are all wrong. According to Apple's latest financial report that iPhone X has been a major achievement so far and it has been the most popular iPhone after launched. It is still ahead of competitors’ phones in global major markets, including Europe.

It is said by market research firm Canalys, European smart phone market has encountered weak sales in Q1 2018 and sales decline 6.3% from a year earlier, the biggest fall in a single quarter. Apple has outperformed its peers in Europe and shipments has reached more than 10 million, but it fell down 5.4% from Q4 2017. The shipments of iPhone X has fallen slightly about 25% from Q4, but it’s still the best-selling phone in Europe.


Compared with affordable phones, high configuration phones play a weak role. Some consumers do not replace their phones with high configuration phones, but retain  the existing models. Many consumers prefer to buy cheaper phones, not the expensive high configuration one. Apple, which is hugely popular with consumers, is trying to get rid of this situation. However, other brands are not so lucky, like Samsung. As many consumers choose more affordable phones such as Huawei, Xiaomi, its sales fell down 15% in Q1 2018.

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