Laser Separator Machine 2019 Easiest iPhone Back Glass Fix Solution

Date: Nov 25th,2019

“What’s the easiest way to fix iPhone back glass?”, if you ask Zack, the well known technical reviewer of Youtube Channel “JerryRigEverything”. The answer must be Laser Separator Machine.

“So we all know that the back glass on the new Apple iPhone are nearly impossible to repair. Apple charges 300 to 600 dollars to replace the glass back on their new iPhones. Lucky for us, there is now an easier way to replace the back glass on your iPhone 8, iPhone X, or even iPhone 11. And that is with the new Laser Separator machine.” He said in his video.

Featuring with important characteristics of “ no harm to the phone” and “easy to operate”, Laser Separator Machine has become the most popular and recognized Phone glass repair solution in phone repair industry this year.

There are just three steps to complete the whole glass repair procedure, at the same time, without any harm to the phone.

1. Remove the glue underneath easily with the laser machine

2. Remove the back glass easily with your hand

3. Apply a new back glass

Bingo! Absolutely a killer! What a time saver machine!

The machine Zack used in his video is a $2208 laser machine, which requires an external computer to control the machine.

BIZBEE recommend you here today is a computer built-in version laser separator machine. The TBK-985A laser separator machine

With a way cheaper price of $1671, this model still has its own computer built-in. You don’t need to buy another external computer to connect the machine.

And it comes equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse. 

With a more stylish and compact design, this model is meant to a less chance of damaging during the long-distance transit.

Like other laser machines on the market, it can not only used for back glass replacement, but also the broken screen frame removal and customization marking work. Featured with an imported sensor, the positioning bar is even much more precise than most of the laser machines on the market, which brings no harm to the phone at all.

Because of its compact design and modular design of internal components, the machine can be repaired easily by whomever replacing its parts or accessories. Which means the maintenance costs can be significantly saved after and sustain a longer service life than other machines on the market. Of course, BIZBEE team is always on call for your service.

What’s more, it supports the iPhone 11 series glass repair. And it probably is the most effective solution for iPhone 11 back glass repair so far!

It’s one of our best-selling products this year. 100+ machines have been sold per month. 

Opportunity knocks but once, make an order and win the business.

Repair Tools and materials list in the Guide

· Laser Separator Machine

· Mounting Fixture

· Back Glass Disassembling Tool

· Anti-static Gloves

· 8 in 1 disassembling tool set

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