Apple Watch Front Glass Replacement Guide BIZBEE

Date: Sep 20th,2022

Since the outer screen of the Apple Watch is made of glass, it is not resistant to falling, and it often shatters when it is dropped. When the front glass is broken, it is necessary to replace with a new front glass, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance, but also may affect the function. Today we are going to teach you how to replace the front glass of an Apple Watch. You can get an undamaged Apple Watch in just a few simple steps.



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Step 1: Remove the screen


First, remove the strap and turn off the watch. Use alcohol to soften the screen glue and remove the cover glass with tweezers. Then remove the screen with a blade. Because the flex cable inside is fixed with glue, we need use alcohol to soften the glue to make it easier to remove. Next, use alcohol to soften the glue on the cover and remove the small pieces of front glass.



Step 2: Separate the front glass and LCD


We need paste OCA glue on the surface of the front glass to prevent the broken glass from scratching the LCD during the separation process. After this, put it into the separator to separate the front glass from the LCD. When the separation is completed, remove the residual OCA glue. After cleaning, test whether the LCD function and display are normal.



Step 3: Install the new front glass

Take a new front glass (with OCA glue), and install it with the LCD. Then put it into the laminating machine for lamination. After the lamination is completed, put it into the vacuum machine for vacuum treatment.



Step 4: Test the screen function

After vacuum treatment, test whether the screen is normal. If the screen function is normal, clean the residual glue around the watch case and apply new fixing glue. Finally, use a clamp to hold the pressure and fix it. The Apple Watch front glass replacement is completed.

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