Apple Officially Recognizes Third - Party Batteries Great News for Repair Shop

Date: Mar 7th,2019

It is reported that Apple Official finally relax their policy that allowing Genius Bar and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) to provide aftersales service for those who have changed iPhone batteries from the third-party repair shop.   

Before that, Apple Official refuses to provide any kind of services for those whose iPhones have been changed with any parts from the third party. Even realizing that their iPhones may not be able to enjoy the aftersales service from Apple, considering the high price of official parts, lots of iPhone users still choose to repair their phones from third-party repair shops. 

Nowadays, Apple agrees to repair for those whose iPhones have been replaced with third-party batteries. This undoubtedly is good news for iPhone users. They can safely choose to repair their phones from those repair shops, even if they want the repair service from Apple after that. In this case, it is also good news for the mobile phone repair industry. Once the worry of those who want to replace with a cheaper battery but struggle with Apple’s aftersales service disappears, more and more people would like to repair their phones from relatively low-cost repair shops. 

Though Apple has relaxed the policy of batteries from the third party, other mobile phone parts like screens still not eligible for the official repair service. So whether Apple will relax the policy to other phone parts? This remains to be seen. 

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