Why choose BizBee

After eight years of focusing on consumer electronics accessories industry, BizBee has accumulated rich manufacturer resources of high quality and established close long-term cooperative relationship with a lot of manufacturers. Compared with the same industries, BizBee has the following typical advantages:   


Higher quality than industry standard: All goods on BizBee are from high-quality factories which has passed the strict testing and certification. BizBee established a set of effective programs, which include factory recommendation, certification, product testing and commodity price negotiation. In the part of product testing, in addition to strict testing procedure in the factory, BizBee will reinspect the products. For each product widget, We subdivide them into as many as dozens of quality inspection indicators and arrange for professional quality inspection division to inspect every quality indicator carefully in pipeline mode. BizBee controls and manages the whole testing process strictly by means of spectaculars. Even so, in order to solve your worries, for the goods you purchased on BizBee and found quality defects, we promise to offer refunds or exchanges unconditionally within 7 days.


 Lower price than industry average: BizBee provides quality products to customers with profit close to zero, which is hard for other companies in the same industry to do that. BizBee established close cooperation with factories as a condition of mass purchasing and long-term cooperation, providing products with low price to customers at the same time to guarantee the products quality. Along without intermediate link, BizBee has an advantage of competive price, 5%-10% on average lower than the price in the same industry.


No longer confused in ordering online: Typical B2B E-Commerce websites like Amazon, DHgate, Aliexpress and Alibaba ,whose same goods with plenty of suppliers, Products with good and evil mixed up, uneven in quality and price range makes customers dazzled and have no idea which to choose. Goods either with low price or with high price have no quality guarantee. However, on the BizBee, you can be rest assured to choose and buy goods. We promise to provide goods with best performance price for you.