Customs check: Because the Customs clearance standards vary in different countries, It is better for you to know the local customs import regulations carefully before purchase so as not to cause unnecessary losses. After you submit your order, The staff of BIZBEE will provide you with The best way of customs declaration to reduce the probability of customs tax and blocked customs clearance, without violating the UK's customs policy. According to the historical data, about 0.3% of the goods were levied taxes by customs or checked to be limiting imports in destination countries. Although the probability is small, once it happens, BIZBEE will not bear the customs clearance in destination countries for you and you need to deal with it by yourself.


Customs Tariff: There is no need for customers to pay tariff for your general civil parcel. But for commercial packages, customers usually need to pay a certain amount of tariffs. The weight of package is one of the important bases to judge your pakage belonging to general civil parcel or commercial packages for the customs in different countries. The package whose weight is more than 20kg is quite possibly regarded as commercial package, so it is recommended that package with weight more than 20kg send separately. If your package need to be paid tariffs in the process of import customs clearance, it’s none of BIZBEE’s business and you should assume it.