Repair Service

Mainboard Repair Service Process for Mobile Phones

INQUIRY Contact our agent for the latest quotation of mainboard repair service.

QUOTATION Once we receive your inquiry the Newest quotation will be sent ASAP.

DETAILS You should offer us with packing list which includes phone models, serial numbers, tracking number and so on after shipment.

DELIVERY After strict testing, we will check the details and send the package back to you.

REPAIR After your confirmation, we will repair the mainboards in 2-5 days.

CONFIRMATION Once received your package, we will test the mainboards and send you accurate quotation & repair report for confirmation.


1. The repair price depends on the exact damage on your device. We can only offer you an estimated repair price for reference.

2. Please backup the phone data before delivery.

3. In your packing list, it must includes mainboard number, mainboard serial number, phone model and problem details.

4. If possible, please delete your iCloud account from your device or provide iCloud account and password(We do not repair a device that has no iCloud password).

5. 3 months warranty period (For the same malfunction reoccurs in the original repair part)

6. We currently accept only phone models include iPhone 5s/SE/6/6+/6s/6s+/7/7+, more models will coming soon.