Quality & Warranty
Quality Control
Inspection Process (11 Steps)
Assembly Tests (Batch Test)
Visual Inspection (Double Full Test)
Functional Tests (Double Full Test)
Assembly Test (Batch Test)
Our professional technician install screen with
small parts in the iPhone to ensure:
1. Glass lens,frame and flex cable are stable after installation.
2. Touch and display function are perfect,and ensure no yellow mark,
black lines on LCD after installation.
3. Touch ID and 3D touch function are perfect after installation.
Visual and Functional Test (Double Full Test)
Front Glass: No bubbles, finger
prints or scratches.
Flex Cable Ribbon: No damages,
cracks or scratches on LCD flex
and digitizer flex.
Home Bottom Hole: Correct size.
Frame Bezel: Frame bezel and clips
assembled correctly, not bent or
Touch Function Test: Phone icons
touch smoothly in all area.
Static test: No black or colorful
lines after taking off screen
Backlight: Clearn and tight.
Screw holes: In right position, not
blocked or deformed.
LCD Display Test: No visibile spot
and dead pixel.
Touch ID Function Test: Touch ID
works perfectly.
3D Touch Function Test: 3D touch
works perfectly.
Warranty Policy
Dear Customer, thank you very much for your support on our products! We guarantee that all orders are tested before
shipment.If you receive defective products, please read carefully about our warranty policy(the products have to be
purchased from bizbee.com).
All repair parts BIZBEE supplied enjoy one-year warranty to assure you a stable performance and if you find any defective
ones during the warranty, please feel free to contact us for return/exchange or maintenance.
Products out of warranty range are as follow.
● Products that have been returned without BIZBEE stamp.
● Artificial damage to products, including but not limited to screen breakage, incomplete products, flex cable damage, glass
lens scratches, bezel frame damage,backlight damage.
BIZBEE reserves the right of final explanation and revision for the terms.