Payment method

When the order is submitted, it will link to the order payment page. There are two methods you can use to pay for your order, one is BIZBEE account balance (My Balance), and the other is PayPal.


My Balance payment: If the amount of My Blance is more than that of unpaid orders, you can click "Payment" button under BIZBEE method on the order payment page to pay for your order. If your balance is not enough to pay for your order, you need to recharge your balance. Click recharge balance link under BIZBEE method on the order payment page or click "Recharge Balance" menu on your "My Account" page, you can recharge your balance. There are many payment methods you can choose to recharge balance, including T/T, Western, Union, Money Gram, Sigue, RIA,etc. You can view the details of recharge instructions on "Recharge Balance" menu.


PayPal payment: If you have a PayPal account, you can also pay by PayPal payment. That is, Click "Paypal" button under PayPal method on the order payment page and it will link the payment page of PayPal website. You can pay for your order according the Prompt steps.

The comparison between BIZBEE payment and PayPal payment: The advantage of BIZBEE balance is that it’s not you but BIZBEE that will bear the fees arising in the process of recharge. That is, the amount of your BIZBEE Balance equals that of your Bank card transfer. However, This kind of payment method also has its disadvantage. Because it is overseas remittance and we need to transfer to your account by the time we receive your transfer amount, the normal days in which we transfer to your BIZBEE Balance are 1-3, and it may take 1 week, sometimes even more than ten days in holidays. The advantage of PayPal payment is that it takes a short time to receive your transfer. And it’s disadvantage is that you will be charged additional fees.