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Buyback Grading Definitions

Buyback screens must be original rather than refurbished.

Buyback Criteria: Cables, backlight and cover plates must be original. Cover plates can be cracked, but the display function should be normal,such as touch, 3D and backlight.

Grade A: Screens with no dot and dust. Touch function
is in a good state.

Grade B: Screens with some defects. 1-2 dead pixels
are acceptable. Touch function is in a good state.

Grade C: Screens with backlight issue, small red and blue stains, or several color dots. Touch function is in a good state.

Backlight Issue

Small Red And Blue Stains

Several Color Dots

Grade D: Screens with a large area of red, blue or green stains, black stains appear in grey display or yellow stains appear in
white display.

A Large Area of Red, Blue or Green Stains

Black Stains Appear in Grey Display

Yellow Stains Appear in White Display

Screen Breakage: aging, disconnection, exclusion, non-display, poor touch (quoted according to the actual situation).

Cable Damaged

No Display

Insensitive Touch

LCD Buyback Prices

Note: The prices may slightly fluctuate base on the currency and the market buyback price.

Ask for a Quote.

How to Pack Your LCDs?

Correct Demonstration

1. Use the bubble pack. The bubble pack must have air inside, otherwise it may cause screen damage. The LCD should be placed in the correct direction.

2. Use the bubble film. Suggest have two or three layers of bubbles film between the screen with air inside. The screen cable must be in the same direction with no fold.

Incorrect Demonstration

Note: Please use enough protective packages to fill the space.