Purchase Flow

Step1 Registration and Login

User registration: If you have no account on this website, please click "Create an account" button on login page to access the registration page, then fill in information according to the prompt to complete the registration.

User login: If you have successfully created an account, please enter your user name and password on the login page, and then click "Sign in" button access to BizBee website for shopping.


Step2 Search for Goods

Search by categories : You can search for what you want according to the product category.

Search by key words: Enter the name of goods in the search box on the top of the page and click "Search" button.


Step3 Add to Purchase List

Add to Purchase List by product search results page: Find out the product you need and move the mouse to the product, there will appears an orange box containing a "Purchase" button. Click the button and a pop-up box will appear, Then select the grade, color, quantity and click "Add to Purchase List" button. 

Add to Purchase List by product details page: Find out the product you need and directly click on the product picture, it will link to the product details page on which you select the grade, color and quantity you want. And then click "Add to Purchase List" button.

Purchase List instructions: You can click "Remove Item" link in the Purchase List to delete goods. You can also delete goods by checking the boxes in front of the goods you want to delete and clicking " Remove Selected Items" button.Purchase List works like a shopping cart. You can add an unlimited number of products to your list and continue searching. Then, you can send all your inquiries at one time.


Step4 Submit Quotation

Check the boxes in front of the goods you want to quote in your Purchase List (usually the goods you add to Purchase List defaults to be checked) , click the "Next" button to access to the generate quotation page on which you select your shipping address, logistics channel, order note, and counting the products. And than click "Get Quoted Price" button to generate the quotation.


Step5 Submit Order

After you submit the quotation,we will quote you as soon as possible. If the quotation has been completed you will receive an email message, and then you can log on to our website to see the quotation and click the "generate order" button to generate orders directly!


Step6 Order Payment

After you submit your order, it will link to the order payment page. There are two methods of payment,  one is your BizBee balance, and the other is PayPal.

Click here to view payment details


The order status instructions:

After submitting your order, you can click "My orders" menu to view your payment status, order status and logistics tracking status.

Payment status: include statuses of awaiting payment and paid. You can cancel your orders in awaiting payment status. It’s noted that orders in paid status can’t be canceled. If you need to cancel or change your order, Please contact BizBee customer service for assistance. If you have already paid for your orders by means of BizBee balance during when the order is in the status of awaiting payment and you can cancel it. It’s recommended that you don’t click "cancel the order" link. It’s better to contact BizBee customer service for processing.

Order status: include statuses of awaiting payment, pending confirmation, awaiting shipment, parcially shipped, all shipped, completed, canceled, abnormal. Awaiting payment status means that you haven’t paid for your order. pending confirmation status means that our operators are checking your orders. awaiting shipment status means that we are preparing for your order goods(including process of warehouse out, inspecting, distribution, packaging,etc). Parcially shipped status means that parcial goods of your order have been sent to logistics company. All shipped status means that all good of your order have been sent to logistics company. Completed status means that customers have received all their order goods. Canceled status means that your order has been canceled and is no longer valid. Abnormal status means that something is wrong with your order in the process of logistics, such as your order goods are impounded by customs or your goods are lost.

Logistics tracking bar will synchronously update data on the logistics company's website , you can view your package status at any time.